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Install Treelets on Windows 10 Home

Install Docker Toolbox

Setup Treelets from a binary distribution

  • Download treelets-docker application for Windows 10 Home
  • Unzip
  • Run Docker Quickstart Terminal from Desktop and go inside treelets-docker catalog

Run Docker

  • # run in Docker Quickstart Terminal command and note ip, it will be used to open application
# get default ip for application
docker-machine ip default
  • # using windows explorer go to the file treelets-docker\app\webapp\assets\config\api.json
# change webSocketHost address to docker-machine ip default eg.
"webSocketHost": "ws://"
  • # run install commands:
# create a volume
docker volume create postgres_database

# check volumes
docker volume ls

# Build
docker-compose build
# Running
docker-compose up -d
# View instances
docker-compose ps

Verify your Treelets installation

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