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Treelets Documentation

This page contains the documentation of the Treelets phraseology extraction tool. The main topics covered here include:

  • Configuring and running the Treelets docker container including the Postgres database, Java API, angular web application, nginx server etc.
  • Parsing and indexing corpora, generating and searching automatic combinatorial dictionaries extracted with Treelets

Any issues related to Treelets should be reported to the contact[at]

Docker Installation

Treelets can be installed locally as a Docker container on all major operating systems. The installation process varies for different operating systems. The following pages explain how to install Treelets on:


  • Linux environment, Windows 10 Home or Professional or MacOS environment
  • Docker Desktop for Windows 10 Professional or MacOS
  • Docker Toolbox on Windows 10 Home

Useful Docker commands

# View instances with container id
sudo docker ps
# Logs
sudo docker-compose logs

# Monitoring
sudo docker stats

# Connect sql command
sudo docker exec -it {container_id} sh
psql -U treelets treelets
select * from info.config;
select version();
# Stop docker containers
sudo docker-compose stop
# Remove docker containers
sudo docker-compose down
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